Gina Carano Thanks Fans For Getting #WeLoveCaraDune Trending

Gina Carano

Gina Carano has been at the center of a lot of controversy on social media over the past year, but with all the talk of a certain faction of Star Wars fans calling for her to be fired by Lucasfilm due to her divisive opinions and viewpoints, it’s easy to forget that The Mandalorian actress has a devoted fanbase of her own standing by her. This past weekend, for instance, her followers came together to get #WeLoveCaraDune trending on Twitter.

Carano herself was touched by the outpouring of support and shared a message in response to all her fans. “You all got #WeLoveCaraDune trending,” she wrote. “My heart is so blessed… love finds a way. #nevergiveup I see you.” She then expressed similar sentiments in a video attached to the tweet, in which she’s clearly warmed by all the goodwill.

Of course, those not in support of Carano hit back shortly after and got #FireGinaCarano trending instead. But the actress’ fans reclaimed the victory by replacing the trend with #StandWithGinaCarano. In other words, the ongoing social media war concerning the former MMA star isn’t over, with there being a lot of passion and strong feelings on both sides.

Carano was a well loved figure within the Star Wars saga until she started to become more outspoken on Twitter, with a poorly received joke about pronouns being the start of her problems last summer. This was followed up with backlash against her for sharing anti-mask/vaccine rhetoric amid the COVID-19 pandemic and also her posts about electoral fraud in the presidential election. Not to mention evidence that she liked tweets in support of the Capitol Hill riots.

Since this last incident, though, Gina Carano has maintained a more positive Twitter presence, mostly sharing inspirational posts, messages and harmless memes. If that continues, and if fans get #WeLoveCaraDune trending a few more times, she may be sticking around The Mandalorian for season 3, which is due to start shooting in April.