Harry Potter Star Tom Felton Wants To Return As Julian On The Flash


Remember when Tom Felton was on The Flash? The Harry Potter star initially joined the cast at the beginning of season 3 in a bit of tongue-in-cheek casting as Doctor Alchemy, a villain who used the Philosopher’s Stone. His character, Julian Albert, stuck around for the rest of the run as a new team member of the STAR Labs gang and looked set to stay…until he disappeared between seasons and has more or less never been mentioned since.

Julian’s mysterious absence isn’t down to Felton, though, as the Draco Malfoy actor told Digital Spy that he’d love to return to The Flash as he had such a great time making season 3 with the cast. When asked if he’d consider coming back to the DC universe, he responded:

“Absolutely, yeah. I miss it. I miss those guys terribly, yeah. I miss Grant [Gustin who plays Barry Allen/The Flash], and all the team there. I had a great time in Vancouver for nine months. Yeah, I say bring back Julian.”

The season 4 premiere briefly mentioned that Julian had returned to his native England, but that seemed pretty out of the blue for a guy who was a firm part of the group and even had romantic feelings for Caitlin Snow. Clearly, there’s unfinished business there if the writers ever wanted to explore the character again. However, seeing as season 3 isn’t a favorite of fans, we can’t see the show bringing too many elements from that notoriously dark year back anytime soon.

There’s a chance that season 3’s big bad could make a guest appearance soon, though. The Flash‘s 100th episode, “What’s Past is Prologue,” is expected to see the return of Barry Allen’s previous speedster foes – like Zoom and probably Reverse-Flash as well. We haven’t heard confirmation on this, but it’s possible that Savitar could show up, too.

The Flash continues every Tuesday on The CW and that aforementioned milestone episode will be here on December 4th.