Hayden Christensen’s Obi-Wan Role May Lead To A Full-Blown Star Wars Return


There are plenty of things worth criticizing in the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, from the over-reliance on CGI at the expense of the tangible practical effects that were integral to the success of the first three movies, to George Lucas’ shortcomings as a writer being pushed to the fore through some terrible dialogue being recited via a series of wooden performances.

Speaking of which, there’s no getting around the fact that Hayden Christensen’s work as Anakin Skywalker could be described as passable at best, and abjectly awful at worst. Obviously, the quality of the scripts didn’t do him any favors, but the actor hardly convinces the audience that he’s on the path to becoming the most powerful villain in the entire galaxy.

However, with Star Wars becoming increasingly powered by nostalgia, fans would no doubt be completely on board with the idea of the 39 year-old returning to the fold, as has been heavily rumored in recent months. Speculation has focused on Anakin featuring in Disney Plus’ Obi-Wan Kenobi series in flashbacks set during the duo’s time fighting side by side in the Clone Wars, and a new report now claims that it might even lead to a full-blown comeback for Christensen.

Apparently, Anakin’s featured supporting role in Obi-Wan will also see him don his fan favorite Clone Wars armor, and if it goes down well enough with viewers and critics alike, then there’s every chance he could return in even more future projects, with rumors that he has multiple appearances lined up. Admittedly, Star Wars should stop looking towards the past for inspiration, but if Christensen feels as though he has unfinished business with the franchise, then showing up in various D+ series and perhaps even feature films would definitely be an avenue worth exploring, depending on the material of course.