Here’s how Ms. Marvel would fare against Thanos, according to Iman Vellani

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via Marvel Studios

Thanos is one of the most imposing characters in the MCU. Considered the deadliest foe the assembled Avengers have faced, he now acts as a measuring stick to judge how strong Marvel’s assorted heroes are. This is especially true for Marvel heroes introduced after Endgame. These newer heroes have not faced a major, world-destroying threat yet. So people are curious about what they could have done if they had been present during the battle with Thanos

When Ms. Marvel actress Iman Vellani took questions from fans, many were keen to know just how well Ms. Marvel would have fared had she been present during Endgame, especially given the role that Ms. Marvel’s idol, Captain Marvel, played during the battle. 

Today Iman Vellani hosted an AMA session on Reddit’s Marvel Studios subreddit. The thread, titled “What’s up r/marvelstudios, I’m Iman Vellani—AKA the one and only Kamala Khan, AKA Ms. Marvel! AMA!” featured many questions about both Vellani’s career and the inner workings of the Ms. Marvel show. 

This question and answer session featured a load of interesting answers, but it wasn’t without its unexpected moments. One such moment came when user QuasarFunk raised a fascinating question. The user asked: “Hi, Iman! How would Ms. Marvel have fared against Thanos?”

Iman’s answer was surprising, as she said that Thanos would “unalive” Ms. Marvel. Many fans were surprised by this answer; while it makes sense that Thanos would defeat a rookie hero like Ms. Marvel, most were not expecting her to be so hilariously blunt about it. 

One of the most popular responses to the answer was from the user MarvelBiggestFan10, who summed up most readers’ initial reaction by saying: “well thats dark lol.”

Another user, loveange1a, summed up the confusion by posting: “oh that’s umm wow.” This led to an ancient meme getting de-snapped for a brief moment, as andyq9433 quickly responded with “much wow, very snap.” 

However, despite people’s confusion, the answer proved popular with Marvel fans, getting over 500 upvotes, showing just how naturally funny and charismatic Iman Vellani is, even when she’s talking about the brutal destruction of a beloved character. 

Thankfully, Ms. Marvel fans don’t have to worry about the character’s long-term fate, as there seems to be no suggestion that Thanos will be coming back any time soon. So Ms. Marvel has plenty of time to prepare and get stronger, so should the battle restart, she can escape with her life intact.