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How to spot ‘Ms. Marvel’ pilot’s hidden QR code that gives you a free comic

'Moon Knight's QR code hunt continues in 'Ms. Marvel'.

Ms. Marvel
Image via Disney

Marvel fans have often lamented that the MCU’s success doesn’t always lead newcomers to the original comics, but the House of Ideas has recently discovered a brilliant way of directing folks to check out the source material that inspired their favorite screen superheroes. Moon Knight pioneered the practice, as inspired by Bob’s Burgers, of hiding QR codes in is episodes that, when scanned, led viewers to free comic books. It turns out this concept is being carried over into Ms. Marvel.

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The latest Marvel Studios TV series premiered on Disney Plus this Wednesday, and it didn’t take long for fans to discover another hidden QR code. At the 10:16 mark in the episode, Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) and her best pal Bruno Carelli (Matt Lintz) are chatting in a grocery store. In one shot a QR code above an ATM machine can be glimpsed over Bruno’s shoulder. As Reddit user themarvelguide pointed out, when scanned it leads to a website offering Ms. Marvel #1.

If your devices aren’t picking up on the QR code from your TV, here’s a clear screenshot of the moment in question.

Alternatively, if you want to skip the interactive element and go straight to the comic, you find the link to the site below.

Moon Knight ended up slipping in three secret QR codes into its six-part run — in episodes one, two, and five, respectively, with a different comic offered each time. So presumably we can expect at least a couple more similar codes in future Ms. Marvel episodes, too. While essentially a commercial for the Marvel Unlimited subscription service, this is a smart bit of cross-media promotion from Marvel as it encourages people to dig into the comics in a fun, unique way.

Catch the Ms. Marvel pilot on Disney Plus now and stream subsequent episodes as they drop on Wednesdays.