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Is ‘The Umbrella Academy’ getting a fourth season?

Will the Hargreeves family even have time for another season with all of their saving-the-world duties?

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Everybody’s favorite Netflix comic book adaptation The Umbrella Academy is about to release its third season, and the exciting new trailer that dropped on May 19 is hinting at all kinds of fresh mayhem for the title characters to navigate. Let’s talk about where the series left off, where it’s going in the new season, and where it may go in the future.

Season two of The Umbrella Academy left viewers with a total cliffhanger, which is elaborated upon in the new trailer. After spending the entirety of the second season trying to set their timeline right again, the Hargreeves family seemingly messed it up even more. Once the Hargreeves had set things right in the past at the end of season two, Five managed to travel through time to save the rest of the family and leave the past behind.

Upon the Hargreeves’ arrival in 2019, they first think that they’ve succeeded when they’re reunited with their beloved mansion. But when they enter, they realize that something is askew, especially when Reginald Hargreeves does not recognize that the mansion is home to the Umbrella Academy, but instead says that it’s home to the Sparrow Academy – a lineup of all-new characters who have seemingly taken the place of the Umbrella Academy, distinct powers and all.

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Season three is set to show us exactly what the Hargreeves family does with their newly-created time paradox and how they stop something called a kugelblitz ⏤ which is similar to a black hole ⏤ from consuming their world. Fortunately for them, with the Sparrow Academy in tow, they will more than likely have double the help this time.

This season of the show also marks the appearance of Elliot Page as the character Viktor Hargreeves. Of course, after Elliot Page transitioned in real life, Netlfix confirmed that their character in The Umbrella Academy would be transitioning as well, so we will no doubt see that journey unfold in season three. 

Lately, Netflix has been in troubled waters, as it has seen a decrease in subscribers, fired more than 150 employees, and continued to cancel shows left and right. With that being said, what is the status of The Umbrella Academy, and will there be a season four?

Has season 4 of The Umbrella Academy been confirmed?

The Umbrella Academy
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Fortunately for fans of the Hargreeves family, there will be a season four of the popular Netflix series, with Netflix opting to renew before the release of season three. While not much about the fourth season of the series is currently known, it’s likely that more will be revealed upon the third season’s release.

In the meantime, let’s hope that The Umbrella Academy pulls off its time-bending third season with aplomb so that the plans for season four don’t get swept under the proverbial Netflix rug.

Season three of The Umbrella Academy flies onto Netflix June 22, 2022.

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