James Gunn has bad news for those expecting a major MCU debut in ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special’

Dave Bautista and Pom Klementieff as Drax and Mantis in 'The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special'
Image via Marvel Studios/Disney Plus
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On November 18, 2022
Last modified:November 18, 2022


The first reactions to The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special dropped yesterday, and the early consensus is that James Gunn and the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s premiere band of intergalactic misfits have hit another home run.

Of course, that was to be expected given the quite frankly ludicrous plot that sees Drax and Mantis heading off to Earth to try and capture Kevin Bacon in order to give Peter Quill the perfect Christmas present, with the team’s first solo project in over five years poised to be appointment viewing when it lands on Disney Plus one week from today.

Given its status as Special Presentation that’s been confirmed by Gunn as the “epilogue” to Phase Four, nobody’s really expecting any game-changing developments or major debuts, even if there’s always the chance of a cameo or two. However, rumors have been making the rounds claiming a certain Herald of Galactus could drop by, but the co-CEO of DC Studios didn’t take long to pour cold water on the scuttlebutt.

History has shown that the easiest way to get a handle on who could potentially pop up in a Gunn-helmed project is to ask the man himself on social media, because he’s always ready and willing to debunk such talk. If he says nothing, then there’s a high chance the chatter is right on the money, but it certainly sounds as though we shouldn’t be heading into The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special expecting the Silver Surfer to ride the cosmic waves.