Jeffrey Dean Morgan Teases A Massive Walking Dead Season 10 Finale

The Walking Dead

In another timeline, we’d have already seen the grand finale to The Walking Dead season 10 – not to mention being a couple of episodes into The Walking Dead: World Beyond, to boot. However, what with the coronavirus pandemic delaying post-production work, the episode – ominously titled “A Certain Doom” – has been indefinitely pulled from the schedules. It will arrive eventually, though, and one star of the show is now promising that it’s going to be “massive.”

Speaking to Too Fab, Jeffrey Dean Morgan offered up some comments to tease what’s to come in the season finale. Having been part of TWD for four and a bit years now, though, the actor is a pro at keeping secrets and was careful with his words. But he did hint that Negan and Beta will have some kind of showdown in the episode.

“I know there needs to be some sort of something with Beta, ’cause he’s still on the loose and creating havoc,” Morgan said. “So until that’s taken care of, it’s really hard to move forward.”

Who knows if Negan’s going to make it out of season 10 alive (spoilers: we all do. They’re not going to kill him off just yet), but Morgan hopes he sticks around so he can work with with Paola Lazara’s Princess, who’s just been introduced in the past couple of episodes.

“I loved that in [episode] 15, we introduced Princess. Oh my God. She just sort of popped,” Morgan explained. “That kind of energy on that show is really fun, so I’m a huge fan of her now. I think the two of them are gonna have some fun, I can’t wait. I really can’t wait. So we’ll see.”

As for the scale of the finale, the star made clear that this is going to be another high-stakes climax to the season, in keeping with the episodes that director Greg Nicotero usually helms.

“I know that [episode] 16, our season finale, was a big one that Greg Nicotero directed,” Morgan added. “Every episode he seems to direct is a massive one, and it is a season finale, so I would expect a lot to happen.”

When we last left the survivors, in penultimate episode “The Tower,” they were trapped in their hideaway by Beta’s walker horde with no way out. Friends – like Maggie – are on the way to help them, but it looks like the finale of season 10 of The Walking Dead will spell certain doom for at least one person.