First Doctor Who Season 11 Trailer Teases The Show’s New Era


At long last, the moment we’ve all been waiting for is here, as the BBC’s now debuted the very first teaser trailer for season 11 of Doctor Who – as was promised earlier this week.

Yes, after an unfortunate leak and plenty of speculation and heated discussion over the actress’ casting, not to mention her very brief debut in last year’s Christmas special, we’ve finally got another look at Jodie Whittaker in the titular role, and we must say, even from the brief sliver of footage we see here, we’re certainly intrigued.

Unfortunately, there’s not anything from the actual show itself on display. Rather, we get an all too short promo that only features Whittaker for a few seconds right at the very end, making a mysterious entrance and flashing a quick smile before the preview cuts to black. For what was promised to be a first look at season 11, then, it’s fairly underwhelming, but at least we also get a glimpse of the Doctor’s new companions, as we see Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill as Graham, Ryan and Yasmin, respectively, before Jodie makes her debut in the final seconds of the teaser.

Said to be “hopeful and fizzing with wonder,” this year’s historic ten-episode installment of Doctor Who is headed for an October premiere on the BBC. Before that, though, the network’s sci-fi flagship is expected to swing by San Diego Comic-Con next week, when Hall H will play host to a special Whovian panel on Thursday, July 19th.

With an luck, that’ll bring about the first proper trailer for season 11, because although the teaser above does whet our appetite, it also leaves us hungry for something a lot more substantial. And you can bet that we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for a meatier trailer at SDCC.