John Barrowman Gets Doctor Who Fans Talking With Torchwood Callback Post

Doctor Who Captain Jack

John Barrowman only just returned to Doctor Who earlier this month, and he’s already got fans talking about a potential further comeback for Captain Jack with his latest social media post. Barrowman guest starred opposite Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor in New Year’s special “Revolution of the Daleks” and he’s now revealed that he’s back in the show’s base of operations in Cardiff, Wales, hinting that he’s involved with season 13.

Not only that, but Barrowman let this slip while visiting an iconic Torchwood location. Fans of the adult-oriented spinoff will know that a shrine dedicated to beloved character Ianto Jones – Jack’s love interest on the show – has been maintained for the past 11 years, ever since Ianto was killed off in miniseries Torchwood: Children of Earth, and Barrowman shared a snap of himself posing there over the weekend.

“Out for my walk and nobody knew it was me paying some respect to #Ianto,” he wrote on Twitter.

It can’t be a coincidence that the actor is currently in Cardiff as production is ongoing on Doctor Who season 13. After all, “Revolution” didn’t give Jack a proper send-off, as the episode ended with him briefly phoning the Doctor to tell her he’s going to hang around on Earth for a while, so the door was definitely left open for an appearance in the new season. More than that, it’s possible that his next comeback could set up a Torchwood revival.

When he phoned the Time Lord, Jack mentioned that he was going to spend some time with Gwen Cooper, the last surviving member of the original Torchwood team. It’s possible that showrunner Chris Chibnall has plans to bring back actress Eve Myles alongside Jack this time, then. Which would make Barrowman’s social media post a lot more meaningful. Is he trying to tell us something without, you know, telling us anything?

Doctor Who season 13 is still shooting in the UK, despite the country going into lockdown this month, and is on course to premiere on our screens later in 2021.