Johnny Depp Reportedly Insisting He Plays Gomez In Addams Family Show


Johnny Depp‘s career options are drying up. Following his UK libel court case going against him, the former Pirates of the Caribbean star lost his lucrative gig in the Fantastic Beasts franchise and it’s believed that he’s morphed into persona non grata in Hollywood. But one silver lining for the actor may come from his old pal and frequent collaborator Tim Burton, who’s working on an Addams Family TV series.

Previous reports have linked Depp to the role of family patriarch Gomez Addams, with the actor and Burton said to be in discussions. At this point, it seems the star is desperate to land the part, too, as according to insider Daniel Richtman, he’s pushing very hard to be involved with The Addams Family show and “insisting” that despite all his ongoing legal hoopla and impacted reputation, he should be the one to play Gomez.

That’s all Richtman has shared at this point, so it’s unknown if Depp’s insistence is because he’s facing resistance from the producers or perhaps even Burton himself. Whatever the case, he’s apparently latching on to the opportunity with both hands and is eager not to let it slip away.

Of course, it has to be said that Depp would be a perfect fit for Gomez, and if this project was happening a few years ago, he’d likely be snapped up in a heartbeat. Furthermore, knowing Burton’s habit for casting the same people, he’ll no doubt hire Eva Green to play Morticia, and Depp and Green proved they had great chemistry in Dark Shadows. There are lots of reasons that Depp as Gomez would work, then. It just all depends on whether his public image has taken too much of a hit to make him a worthwhile addition.

Tell us, though, do you want to see Johnny Depp play Gomez in Burton’s Addams Family TV series? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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