Kevin Feige Confirms Secret Invasion Is About To Start Production

Nick Fury

Shooting on the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Disney Plus series Secret Invasion was originally rumored to start in mid-August, but that hasn’t been the case. We do know that the production is based largely in the United Kingdom, and Samuel L. Jackson is already in the country having Nick Fury’s beard glued onto his face for The Marvels, so once he wraps up his scenes for Brie Larson’s sequel, it would be safe to assume he’ll jump straight into his own solo show.

As is the case with every MCU project, Secret Invasion‘s supporting cast is stacked with established names and rising stars. Ben Mendelsohn will return as Captain Marvel and Spider-Man: Far From Home‘s Talos, with One Night in Miami‘s Kingsley Ben-Adir, Killian Scott, Happy Gilmore‘s Christopher McDonald, Academy Award winner Olivia Colman and Game of Thrones veteran Emilia Clarke all set for their franchise debuts.

Veteran commercial and television director Ali Selim will direct a handful of episodes, as will Thomas Bezucha, and in a new interview Kevin Feige offered a brief status update when he revealed that Marvel Studios were “getting ready to start production on the Secret Invasion series”. The Marvels is scheduled for November 2022, and the two titles are widely believed to be closely connected, although we can’t say for sure if the feature film is intended to release before the streaming exclusive, or vice versa.

Secret Invasion has been one of the most hotly-anticipated MCU efforts on the horizon given that a premise revolving around a race of shapeshifting aliens infiltrating Earth has the potential to further upend a mythology that’s only very recently introduced the concept of the multiverse, via fellow Disney Plus bedfellow Loki.