Kevin Feige Reportedly Wants Mike Colter Back As Luke Cage

Luke Cage

The quality of Netflix’s superhero shows may have varied wildly from season to season across the entire lineup, but with the notable exception of Finn Jones’ Iron Fist, you can’t say that each of the respective title characters wasn’t perfectly cast.

Charlie Cox, Krysten Ritter, Jon Bernthal and Mike Colter were all fantastic in their roles, with each one bringing something different to Daredevil, Jessica Jones, the Punisher and Luke Cage, putting their own stamp on the street-level crimefighters while still retaining the essence of what made them so popular in the pages of Marvel Comics in the first place.

While the first three have all been regularly linked with a rebooted return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Colter has been left out in the cold. It was reported a long time ago that Harlem’s guardian angel would be recast, while just recently the actor admitted that he hasn’t been contacted by the studio since Luke Cage was canceled, and it sounded as though he’d made his peace with it.

However, a new rumor claims that Kevin Feige is interested in having him reprise the role whenever Power Man winds up making his way back to the MCU, which could be as soon as Moon Knight given the long history between the two in the comic books. There’s no word yet on when Marc Spector’s Disney Plus series is set to begin production, but the recruitment process is clearly underway after Ethan Hawke was cast as the villain, so if Luke Cage is going to be involved in the show, we should be getting some concrete updates surrounding the character’s immediate future over the next few months.