Kingpin Star Likes Tweet About His Rumored Return In Hawkeye


Vincent D’Onofrio can’t possibly make it any clearer that he wants to return as Netflix’s Kingpin. The actor’s powerhouse performance saw his Wilson Fisk go down in the annals of Marvel Comics history as one of the best and most memorable live-action villains we’ve ever seen, and he’s happy to admit that he feels as though he’s got unfinished business with the character.

Sony own the feature film rights to the New York City crime boss, while Marvel Studios are in charge of his episodic appearances, so outside of the co-produced Spider-Man franchise it would seem that Disney Plus is the safest option for him to make that comeback we’ve all been waiting for, which is exactly what we’ve been hearing.

For a long time, there have been rumblings that D’Onofrio would show up in Hawkeye, before going on to lend his talents to spinoff series Echo, with Charlie Cox also being heavily touted for a role in the project. His social media activity has always been of the heavily pro-Kingpin variety, but as you can see below, the Full Metal Jacket and Men in Black star liked and then swiftly un-liked a tweet claiming he’d show up in a specific episode of Clint Barton and Kate Bishop’s small screen adventure.

Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time D’Onofrio has doled out vague likes and made cryptic comments on social media to get people talking, but as someone who always keeps their ear to the ground and listens to the fanbase, Kevin Feige will be more than aware of the demand to see Kingpin back on our screens, whether he ends up being multiversal in nature or not.