Krypton Showrunner Breaks The Silence On The Cancellation


Krypton was cancelled by Syfy after just two seasons, causing an outpouring of grief on social media from those who aren’t ready to say goodbye to the Superman prequel series. Many of the stars of the show, such as Cameron Cuffe, Wallis Day and Shaun Sipos, quickly responded to the news online, offering condolences and thanks to the fans. Now, showrunner Cameron Welsh has broken his silence on the untimely end of Krypton. 

Welsh wrote a lengthy, three-page letter to his followers, taking the time to highlight the cast and the crew that brought Kal-El’s homeworld to life and all those who have supported the series for the past two years and who are heartbroken by its cancellation. He also hints that the story may not be over with yet.

Have a read of what he shared below:

Along with the news of Krypton‘s cancellation, it was reported that the previously-announced Lobo spinoff, starring Emmett J. Scanlan as the Main Man, wasn’t moving forward at the network, either. However, in his post, Welsh suggested that this isn’t entirely accurate. When praising Scanlan, the EP adds: “Let me say this, despite what you’ve heard, the Lobo spin-off is far from dead.” He then promises to follow up this tease with more information in a separate post.

That post has yet to materialize, but in the meantime, Welsh has unveiled the first page of the season 3 outline, which tells us what the first scene of the season opener would’ve been and how it would have continued on from the shocking cliffhanger of the season 2 finale, in which Brainiac kidnapped the baby Jor-El in an effort to change the course of history and prevent the rise of Superman.

So, even if Krypton is gone, perhaps the storyline will continue in some form in a Lobo spinoff, if Syfy really plans to go forward with that or if Welsh is planing to make it on a different platform. Time will tell, but we certainly hope that the showunner will get to continue sharing his story elsewhere.