Loki Theory Says Sylvie’s Nexus Event Has Already Been Revealed

Lady Loki

Slowly but surely, Loki is introducing and explaining the concept of the multiverse by revealing that when someone from any reality deviates from their set path on the Sacred Timeline, they become a variant. When these Nexus events happen, the Time Variance Authority are called into action to reset the timeline in question, take the person responsible into custody and put them on trial, which we now know also doubles as the organization’s recruitment process.

Episode 4 of the Disney Plus streaming series finally showed us how Sylvie ended up going on the run, albeit without much of an explanation. The TVA simply show up, accuse the Asgardian youngster of being a variant and take her away, something Ravonna Renslayer claims she doesn’t even remember, but the conclusion of last week’s installment would certainly suggest otherwise.

However, a new theory says her Nexus event may have already been hinted at. One of the major driving forces of the narrative so far has been Sylvie’s effect on Tom Hiddleston’s Loki, who now finds himself questioning a lifetime of selfish, self-indulgent and narcissistic behavior. As per the theory, Sophia Di Martino’s version was arrested by the TVA for simply being kind, a personality trait the Sacred Timeline doesn’t want from its tricksters.

The idea is based on young Sylvie using her toys to imagine a Valkyrie flying in to save Asgard from destruction, before she implores the TVA to help another variant when she’s first carted into their headquarters, and it’s become obvious over the last decade that Hiddleston’s Loki hasn’t had any vested interest in anyone other than himself up until now. Something as simple as being a good person would be pretty on-the-nose, but it would make some degree of sense given everything we know about both Sylvie and the TVA so far.