Lucasfilm Reportedly Developing Yoda TV Show For Disney Plus


Whether it was the disappointing reveal of Rey’s parents or the divisive portrayal of Luke Skywalker, it’s fair to say that The Last Jedi kicked up quite the fuss upon its release. There was even an online petition that demanded Rian Johnson’s sequel be struck from Star Wars canon. We kid you not.

To be fair, Johnson has been pretty forthcoming about his creative decisions, and there are still a good deal of people who really enjoyed what the director did with the franchise. But if there was one part about The Last Jedi that pretty much everyone can agree worked out well, it was Yoda‘s scene, which came as a very nice little surprise.

As such, we’re happy to hear that Lucasfilm still has more plans for him. While they were originally going to give the character his own spinoff movie, the disappointing performance of Solo: A Star Wars Storput paid to that idea and now, it looks like he’ll be getting a Disney Plus series instead.

From what we understand, the project is still a ways off and won’t be announced anytime soon, but given that this information comes to us from the same sources who told us about Ewan McGregor returning as Obi-Wan, and the Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk TV shows for the aforementioned streaming service, we have no reason to doubt it.

After all, once you get past the weirdness of a little green guy who speaks backwards, it actually makes a good deal of sense to give Yoda a standalone series. The character is loved by all corners of the fandom and his 900 year lifespan means Lucasfilm could tell a story set in a completely new time period for the saga.

Which time period that could be, we don’t yet know, but it’s still nice to hear that this is something that the studio is actively working on. Even if they publicly deny it until it’s ready to be formally announced, as they often do with these things.