Watch: New Lucifer Promo Gives Us A Glimpse At Season 5B


Right now, Lucifer is probably hotter than it’s ever been. Back in August, the long-awaited fifth season aired on Netflix and was a monster hit. Critics and fans were satisfied, though the cliffhanger at the end left everyone itching to find out what’s going to happen next.

Information on its return has been hard to come by and though season 5B is now likely in the can, we don’t know the precise date of when it’ll be with us. We do have a very brief look at it, though, thanks to a video posted on the show’s Twitter account. It celebrates Chloe Decker, the homicide detective who forms an uneasy investigative partnership with Lucifer and eventually falls in love with him. Though primarily composed of scenes from previous episodes showing Chloe at her best, right at the end is what appears to be the beginning of the first 5B outing, “Family Dinner.”

This next batch of episodes should be genuinely biblical in their intensity. We were recently introduced to Lucifer’s twin brother Michael and they had just met God himself (as played by Dennis Haysbert). The Almighty turned up to intervene in the conflict between Michael and Lucifer, but it remains a mystery where his loyalties lie.

Beyond 5B, it looks like season 6 is going to the final shout for Lucifer. Ellis has confirmed that he thinks that’s enough and says it’s important that we get a “proper ending.” But fans shouldn’t be too disheartened, as Netflix’s upcoming adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman seems to be sticking to the comics, so we’ll almost certainly see a brand new version of the character turning up there.

In the meantime, we’ll let you know about any Lucifer season 5B news as and when we hear it.