The Magicians Star Wants To Replace Ruby Rose As Batwoman


It’s been a difficult week for Batwoman, with Ruby Rose surprising us by exiting the role of Kate Kane after just one season. While there have been several reasons floated as to why Rose quit the job, there’s been no shortage of actresses expressing interest in taking over the character. So far, notable names being rumored for joining Batwoman include Stephanie Beatriz, Alaina Huffman and Wallis Day. The latest actress to put herself forward though is Jade Tailor, who is perhaps best known for The Magicians.

Recently, Tailor put together her credentials on Twitter, including her fighting skills and experience with the demands of a television schedule on five seasons of The Magicians. The actress had this to say about why she should be considered for playing Kate Kane:

“Soo… since #rubyrose is no longer playing #Batwoman on #BatwomanCW I think they should cast someone with fighting skills (like krav maga) who has already played a bad ass on screen the last 5 years and loves working crazy hours! Just saying @TheCW I’m right here waiting.”

To strengthen her case, Tailor also shared a video of herself showing off some fighting moves:

Outside of The Magicians, Tailor has also appeared in such series as Murder in the FirstTrue BloodVegas and Aquarius. In addition, the actress has had roles in movies including Higher PowerCam2Cam and Altered Perception. Based on her experience, it appears that Tailor could be a strong candidate to replace Rose, although there are still several open questions over what The CW want to do with the role.

One sticking point for the casting could be whether they want to commit to another lesbian or bisexual actor, something that was a major selling point for Rose’s role in Batwoman. Indeed, LGBT issues were key to the first season of the show, and the series’ identity could suffer if it takes steps backwards in terms of representation. Although this is by far not a reason for casting someone who’s not up to the role, it’s likely on the minds of producers wanting to get an actress who continues the positive steps on representation.

For now, The CW have a small break to decide on the casting, with Batwoman recently wrapping up its first season with an appearance (sort of) from the Arrowverse’s Bruce Wayne. The producers behind the Arrowverse have also expressed their hope that Batwoman could establish itself as a worthy successor to Arrow, so we’d imagine that getting Kate Kane right the second time around will be highly important.