The Mandalorian Fans Have Now Started A #FirePedroPascal Petition

The Mandalorian

Gina Carano was fired by Lucasfilm last week after her controversial social media presence finally became too much for the studio to handle. While many Star Wars fans, particularly those who were offended by the actress’ various inflammatory tweets, feel this is the best decision, a lot of others don’t. In fact, Carano’s removal from the franchise has become a rallying point for folks who oppose “cancel culture” and believe right wing views are being silenced.

So far, a petition to have Carano reinstated has already amassed 50,000 signatures, but despite this, it seems Lucasfilm execs have made up their minds. Failing that, then, another petition has been set up now that calls for The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal to be fired alongside her, accusing the studio of “double standards” by standing by the Din Djarin actor. The petition only has 23 signatures at the time of writing, but it’s also only a few days old.

Here’s the thing. The Carano post that resulted in her firing compared being a Republican in contemporary America with being Jewish in Nazi Germany. And the actress’ supporters have since pounced on an old tweet from Pascal in which he compares the incarceration of immigrant children in the US to concentration camps, as you can see below.

If how much anger they cause on social media is an indicator of whether Disney fires someone or not, then the Wonder Woman 1984 star likely doesn’t have to worry, as he’s pretty much one of the internet’s favorite people, often receiving praise for his political activism, good-natured posts and support for trans rights. There were rumors that he’d been difficult on set during season 2, but he’s denied these and it really doesn’t look like any parting of the ways is about to happen there.

In fact, Pedro Pascal is believed to have reached out to Gina Carano in a bid to get her to curb her attitude prior to her being dropped, but she didn’t listen. This fits with the former MMA star’s admission that she ignored Lucasfilm’s attempts to get her to apologize. There are currently mixed reports on whether Cara Dune will be recast for season 3 or not, but hopefully we find out what the studio plans to do soon.