The Mandalorian Toy Confirms Din Djarin’s Homeworld Name


The season 1 finale of The Mandalorian had a shocking revelation for fans. As it turned out, the titular protagonist of the show wasn’t actually from Mandalore, but rather, the Death Watch adopted him into the creed.

Jon Favreau’s Star Wars show does a wonderful job of keeping narrative details under wraps. To think that we didn’t know anything about Baby Yoda before the pilot premiered on Disney Plus late last year. In fact, even after eight episodes, we essentially know nothing about Mando and his past, other than that the Mandalorians saved him from the Separatist invasion on his home planet.

The world in question seemed to resemble a human colony with terrain like Tatooine, but it was hard to make out any further details in the brief flashback sequence. Now, however, thanks to a new action figure from Hot Toys, we know more about Din Djarin’s past, and more specifically, the name of his homeworld.

Here’s what the official Instagram page wrote to promote their new merchandise:

“During a Separatist attack on the settlement of Aq Vetina™️, the young Din Djarin™️ was under attack by super battle droids, but before any harm could come to the boy, a group of Death Watch Mandalorians arrived to take out the droids and rescue Din.”

As you can see below, the collectible is a Death Watch warrior in full costume. The group, first appearing in The Clone Wars, is a splinter faction of the Mandalorians who made their live-action debut in the series finale of the hit Disney+ series.

It’s probably safe to say that fans expect to get more answers in the upcoming second season of the show, especially when it comes to Baby Yoda and mysterious Force powers. But we also want Favreau and his team to explore the character of Din Djarin and perhaps reveal more details about his life before assuming the role of a bounty hunter.

For all of that, though, we’ll have to wait for the next batch of episodes of The Mandalorian as they start releasing from October 30th on Disney’s streaming service.