The Mandalorian Star Reportedly Being Eyed For Moon Knight


Moon Knight could be something very special. The upcoming Disney Plus show stars one of the more obscure and interesting Marvel heroes, often considered to be the company’s equivalent of Batman. The comparison isn’t perfect, though, as while Moon Knight is a relatively grounded hero like Bats, he also has strong supernatural elements to his story and a variety of low-level superpowers. But hey, he has a cool cape and cowl, creates fear in his opponents, lurks in the shadows and is referred to as a ‘knight,’ so that’s all pretty Batman-y.

Of course, the Disney Plus show will be his first live-action appearance and there’s been a lot of speculation over who will be behind the mask. Daniel Radcliffe has been previously linked to the part, but now we’re hearing that The Mandalorian‘s Pedro Pascal is also in contention. At least, that’s according to a new rumor from Cosmic Book News. So, you know, take this with a pinch of salt.

That being said, anyone who’s seen The Mandalorian will know that Pascal is a great choice to play a skilled and mysterious masked man. However, it should be recognized that despite providing the voice and appearing without his helmet in the final episode of the first season, the actor in the Mandalorian suit was mostly Brendan Wayne. Plus, after The Mandalorian, it’d be understandable if Pascal would be wary of another role in which his handsome face is covered up.

Beyond that, information on the show is thin on the ground. We have hints that Marvel Studios would like the series to introduce more horror elements to the MCU though, possibly bringing in Dracula (with The Mandalorian and Breaking Bad‘s Giancarlo Esposito rumored to be in consideration for the part) and Werewolf by Night. This also ties in with rumors that Moon Knight will cross over with the Blade reboot. But again, short of official announcements, this is all just speculation.

Fortunately, we may get some concrete information very soon. Moon Knight will probably air in 2021, meaning production will kick into high gear this year. As such, let’s hope we get some casting news in the near future.