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Mark Ruffalo May’ve Just Revealed The Hulk’s Next MCU Appearance

Mark Ruffalo may have just revealed where the Hulk's next MCU appearance will be, though we can't say it's terribly surprising.


The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s fourth Phase will get going in May when Black Widow is finally given her own solo movie. Meanwhile, Disney is busy putting together a ton of new MCU shows for their streaming service, Disney Plus, which will feature the likes of Wanda, Bucky, Vision, the Falcon and more. However, the continued inclusion of one of the franchise’s most beloved heroes is still uncertain.

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A few weeks ago, when asked whether or not the Hulk would appear again in the MCU, Mark Ruffalo said that he wasn’t sure. Speaking on The Graham Norton Show, the actor was questioned about a possible return and said, “I don’t know.” He then followed that up by stating: “it is supposed to be over and that [Endgame] was supposed to be the end.” Now, however, it seems he’s changed his tune and may have actually teased the character’s next appearance.

According to ComicBook.com, Ruffalo was speaking at a panel at C2E2 and confirmed that he’s had early talks to take on a role in the upcoming She-Hulk series, coming soon to Disney Plus. And while early talks aren’t exactly the same as being confirmed or locked in, it certainly seems like that’s the direction things are going in.

After all, Ruffalo has voiced his interest in being involved in the show in the past, so it seems pretty likely he’ll appear in it. This is especially true given that She-Hulk looks to be something of a belated sequel to 2008’s The Incredible Hulk. Already we know that William Hurt will be back as Thaddeus Ross, while his daughter Betty, as played by Liv Tyler, is also said to have a role.

What’s more, the Abomination and the Leader, both of whom we saw in Incredible Hulk, have been rumored as well. All things considered, then, it only makes sense for Mark Ruffalo to be involved. And let’s not forget that WGTC was the first to tell you he’d be in the show way back in April. In fact, at this point, we imagine an official announcement should be coming sooner rather than later. Watch this space for more.