Marvel Fans Are Obsessed Over Sleeping Loki In Episode 2


Loki has always had a legion of loyal supporters who think of him as an adorable teddy bear instead of a supervillain, and Disney Plus’ Loki TV series is only adding more recruits to the Asgardian trickster’s fan club.

Episode 1 was surprisingly emotional, as Thor’s brother broke down when he discovered his original fate, and this week’s instalment furthered his redemption by including a moment that’s become an instant meme. People of the internet, I give you Sleeping Loki.

After agreeing to aid the TVA in hunting down a dark variant of himself last week, today’s outing saw Loki having to put in the hours and hold down an office job. At one point, Tom Hiddleston’s antihero and Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) rifled through mounds of files for info on the evil Loki. It all got a bit much for the God of Mischief, though, as he was next shown to have drifted off on his desk.

It’s a small moment in an episode that has much more important discussion points in it, but it’s nevertheless made a big impact on social media. In fact, Marvel fans are pretty much obsessing over the idea of Loki, Prince of Asgard and Son of Laufey the Frost Giant, getting tuckered out and taking a nap.

Petition to have Loki sleep in all future MCU appearances.

The epilogue to this moment is also getting some attention, too. When Mobius has something to tell Loki, he’s clearly reluctant to disturb him and carefully wakes him up. “Lokius” is already a popular ship on social media, and this tender scene only added fuel to the flames.

As said above, episode 2 has left us a lot to chew on. Most of all, the introduction of Sophia Di Martino’s villain – who might be Lady Loki or may be someone completely different. The mystery will probably keep us up at night until Loki returns on Disney Plus next Wednesday.