Meet Captain Pike In New Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Promo


The U.S.S. Discovery will be getting a new captain in the second season of Star Trek: Discovery. Following the shocking twist about Captain Lorca at the end of the last run – spoilers: he turned out to be an evil Mirrorverse doppelganger – a popular figure from Trek history is now taking over the reins of the ship.

If you’ve been keeping up, you’ll know that we’re talking about Christopher Pike, the previous captain of the Enterprise before James T. Kirk. Inhumans star Anson Mount is joining the cast to fill the role and will be the fourth actor to play the part after Jeffrey Hunter in The Original Series pilot “The Cage,” Sean Kenney in subsequent episodes and Bruce Greenwood in the Kelvin timeline movies.

Now, to get us ready to meet the latest version of Pike, CBS has released a new promo which sees Mount talking about how he feels taking over such a key role in the mythos as well as how Pike fits into the team in season 2.

“Captain Pike is the kind of captain who is aware that his most precious resource is his crew,” the actor explains in the featurette, when discussing how his character’s different from other Trek captains. “He is completely unafraid to admit that he has no idea what the right decision is. He utilizes his crew as much as commands them. I think that’s a really good quality in a leader.”

Pike isn’t the only character from TOS returning for Discovery though, which is set a decade before that series. Ethan Peck’s stepping into Leonard Nimoy’s shoes to play the one and only Spock, who already has a familiar connection on the show in the form of Michael Burnham, his adoptive human sister. What’s more, Rebecca Romijn is also beaming on board the Discovery as Number One, with one photo in particular teasing that there might be some romantic tension between Pike and his right-hand woman.

Star Trek: Discovery returns to CBS All Access for its sophomore run on January 17th, and with all these new characters being introduced, you can be sure that it’ll be another thrilling outing for the hit show.