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Meet The Historical ONA That’s Dominating The Anime Scene

It's coming in just behind One Piece in the rankings.

Mo-Dao-Zu-Shi cast

Sometimes word of mouth can cause unexpected titles to become massively popular. And right now, an unlikely anime series is second on MyAnimeList’s top airing anime rankings, sitting just behind the legendary One Piece.

Mo Dao Zu Shi: Wanjie Pian is the third season of the Mo Dao Zu Shi (The Founder of Diabolism in English) franchise. It is a Chinese animated series produced by Tencent Penguin Pictures and B.C May Pictures. It started in 2018 and is currently airing its third season, and it can be streamed on WeTV or Tencent’s official YouTube channel. 

The series is based on a novel written by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu. It is set in a fantasy world inspired by Chinese mythology and other traditional Chinese elements (a genre called Xianxia). It follows Wei Wuxian, a mighty warrior. After bringing down the evil Wen Clan, Wei becomes feared across the world. Thirteen years after his death, Wei Wuxian is summoned into the body of Mo Xuanyu, and is tasked with avenging him. Wei soon meets Lan Wangji, a person from his past, and the pair try to solve the mystery of the dismembered left arm found in Mo’s home. 

Mo Dao Zu Shi: Wanjie Pian is planned to be the final season of the series, and it is covering the book’s Yi City Arc.

The series has become very popular and receive praise for its animation, intriguing plot, and well-rounded characters. The first series alone amassed over 1.7 billion views on Tencent’s streaming platform, and it won several Chinese animation awards. So it isn’t surprising to see it shooting up the charts on My Anime List, as the fan base is desperate to know exactly how the story ends. 

Mo Dao Zu Shi: Wanjie Pian and the Mo Dao Zu Shi franchise is an often overlooked gem of a series that more people should check out. The unique fantasy setting paired with the excellent plot leads to a great show that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Mo Dao Zu Shi: Wanjie Pian shows that while Chinese animation gets less attention than Japanese animation, it shouldn’t be considered a lesser as it can produce anime shows that are popular with fans and critics alike.

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