‘Ms. Marvel’ fans are hoping the show is leading up to a surprising Avenger cameo

Ms. Marvel
Image via Marvel Studios

We knew going into Ms. Marvel that it would be chock-full of Avengers Easter eggs. Specifically, a ton of references to Carol Danvers were expected, given how Kamala Khan is Captain Marvel’s biggest fan. Likewise, some Iron Man nods seemed par for the course, given star Iman Vellani’s IRL love of Tony Stark. But, in actual fact, the most frequently referenced hero in the show is none other than Ant-Man.

Four episodes in and Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang has been name-checked or given a tip of the hat in some form basically every week, from the revelation that Scott has a podcast to jokes about how he never ages to, in the latest installment, a mural of the astonishing shrinking superhero appearing on a wall in Karachi. Seeing as Lang is one of the more underrated of Earth’s mightiest protectors, fans are loving Ms. Marvel giving him the respect he deserves.

But all these ant-flavored Easter eggs have got people thinking… are they setting us up for a surprise cameo from Rudd in the finale?

We need answers.

There’s got to be a plan at work here, right?

We would want to watch that.

Could Scott become Kamala’s mentor?

Or are all the Ant-Man easter eggs a smokescreen for Brie Larson turning up in the last episode instead?

Even if Scott fails to show in the finale, hopefully Kamala can get pally with the Lang family in a Young Avengers project.

A cameo from Larson in the finale would be cool, if extremely expected, given how Vellani is next set to appear in 2023’s The Marvels. Rudd dropping by as Scott would be much more out of left-field, then, and possibly even provide a neat set-up for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, one of the most intriguing and secretive of next year’s MCU movies. But let’s not ourselves too excited as, for all we know, fans might be getting themselves antsy over nothing.

Ms. Marvel reaches its penultimate episode next Wednesday on Disney Plus.