Netflix Reportedly Developing Two New Stranger Things Spinoffs

Stranger Things

Like the mysterious Upside Down dimension hidden beneath the surface of Netflix’s sci-fi show Stranger Things, there’s more than meets the eye in the fictional small town of Hawkins, Indiana.

While the upcoming fourth season of the Duffer Brothers’ iconic series aims to go for a bigger and bolder experience than its predecessors, we’ve recently heard news that the show’s production schedule has been temporarily shut down due to the Coronavirus. Don’t despair, though, as for all you fans of Eleven and the Hawkins gang of loveable misfits, we may have some really good news for you.

According to sources close to We Got This Covered – the same ones who told us that Bill Murray is returning in Ghostbusters: Afterlife and that another Scream movie is in the works, both of which are now confirmed – the super popular streaming giant is in early discussions to develop – wait for it – not one, but two new spinoffs set in the same universe as the beloved series. Specifically, we’re hearing that the first one will be a spinoff TV show that focuses on the adventures of Eleven’s criminal gang-like family, who we met way back in season 2.

Meanwhile, the other spinoff will purportedly focus on Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) and Sheriff Jim Hopper (David Harbour). Unfortunately, details beyond that are very scarce at the moment as both projects are so early in pre-development, but we’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date as we hear more.

Of course, on paper, both ideas have a lot of potential, and I do think that the compelling 80’s-style world of Stranger Things is ripe for exploration. That being said, I hope that we don’t see the iconic IP become too overly saturated with needless offshoots.

What say you, though? Are you down for more Stranger Things supernatural sci-fi action? Or should the idea of two new spinoffs be trapped forever in the Upside Down alternate dimension for no one to ever see? Grab your Dungeons & Dragons 8-sided dice and let us know in the usual place down below.