Netflix Was Reportedly Planning For 5 Seasons Of Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon

One of the unique hooks of Netflix’s Altered Carbon is the shifting identity of its main character, Takeshi Kovacs. Based on Richard Morgan’s 2002 novel, the sci-fi series dropped us into a crazy and cool cyberpunk world where consciousness can be transferred between bodies. Which means that though Kovacs was played by Joel Kinnaman in the first season, Anthony Mackie was able to replace him for season 2.

Presumably, this trend would’ve continued into future runs as well, but as you’ve probably heard by now, Netflix has decided not to move forward with a third season. It’s a move that took many by surprise, especially since there was a lot of love for Altered Carbon. Not only that, but there was chatter throughout the past few months that they had big plans for the property.

In fact, earlier this summer, We Got This Covered reported that Netflix had mapped out a five-season arc for the show. And now, trusted insider Daniel Richtman has backed up our intel, mentioning on Twitter that he’s heard the same thing. That being that there was a “5 season plan.”

Altered Carbon

Created by Laeta Kalogridis, Altered Carbon was never a massive hit in terms of viewing numbers, but it picked up strong reviews across its first two seasons and again, while it wasn’t on the same level as, say, Stranger Things, it certainly drew in a healthy audience.

However, it was also incredibly expensive to produce – which makes sense, given its premise and setting – and clearly, Netflix felt that the cost to put it together was too much. It’s unfortunate, to be sure, but with any luck, maybe some other streaming service will swoop in and save Altered Carbon and make good on that five-season plan.