Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop EP Claims Every Episode Will Be Filled With Easter Eggs


Anime fans are getting their first live-action adaption of the hugely popular anime series Cowboy Bebop later this year boasting a standout cast, and while it isn’t just a simple one for one remake of the anime, there is still to be quite a few familiar moments for long-time fans of the series according to a member of the show’s team.

During an interview with Polygon, showrunner Andre Nemec shared that the series will have plenty of easter eggs for fans of the original Cowboy Bebop series to find during their time watching the show. These are said to come in a variety of different forms, some of which you may miss.

Nemec shared that the goal for the series was to “build out the continuing stories of Spike Spiegel and Jet Black and Faye Valentine while also mining their past stories from the anime”. As part of doing this, Nemec claims there will be easter eggs from the original animated series in every episode of the series including different props, names, or visuals references.

“I would challenge almost any superfan on this show to see if they can find [all the references] in the frame,” Nemec said to Polygon.

With this kind of commitment to staying true to the source material while building on its unique narrative, all signs are pointing to this upcoming adaption being a big hit. This was echoed further when images were first shared of the cast in character and fans were more than ecstatic for how well they captured the characters.

You can check out Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop when it begins airing on November 19, 2021. That is if there are no last-minute delays.