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Netflix’s Live-Action Cowboy Bebop Leaves Fans Outraged With Their Portrayal Of Gren

It seems many are incredibly angry at his presentation in the new series.

A lot of fans were excited when Netflix shared some new images from their live-action remake of Cowboy Bebop during their TUDUM event. However, it seems more and more people are becoming angry with how Gren is being portrayed.

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According to a previous interview, Gren is being reimagined as a nonbinary character who will be placed by nonbinary actor Mason Alexander Park. However, this has left people queer and cis alike have been raising concerns of how problematic this might be considering the show’s original lore.

Grencia Mars Elijah Guo Eckener, simply known as Gren in the show, was forced to take experimental drugs while in prison which is why he had such a unique presentation. Some say that changing the look is a problem with ignoring lore alone, while others saying trying to make Gren into a queer icon despite his backstory is insulting to the LGBTQ+ community.


While it seems fans are angry now, we won’t be able to know the full extent of Gren as a character until Netflix releases Cowboy Bebop on November 19, 2021.