Netflix’s Resident Evil Series Reportedly Entering Production In June

Albert Wesker

It appears as if Netflix is finally ready to move forward with its latest video game adaptation.

The streaming service is believed to have been working on a Resident Evil series for some time now, but we’ve heard little to no further details since last year’s initial leak. Thanks to recent developments, however, we not only have a potential start date for production but several other important details that could point to a release window of either late 2020 or early 2021. Redanian Intelligence, a fan site dedicated to Netflix’s The Witcher which accurately leaked several details for the hit fantasy show prior to its release, has shared what it says is the production schedule for Resident Evil‘s upcoming return to live-action.

According to the outlet, prep work is expected to begin in April, with shooting to subsequently take place from June to October. South Africa will serve as the show’s main production hub, with an initial eight hour-long episodes said to form season 1. In the absence of any official announcement, this is, of course, all to be treated as unverified hearsay, though with interest in Capcom’s beloved franchise at an all-time high thanks to a spate of critically acclaimed releases, we wouldn’t at all be surprised to see Netflix try and capitalize on the developer’s winning streak with a surprise reveal.

Promising rumors aside, though, Resident Evil fans already have plenty reason to be excited for 2020. Resident Evil 3‘s long-awaited remake is due to drop in just a few months time and, judging by early gameplay previews, it’s shaping up to be every bit the worthy successor to last year’s adored installment. For a roundup of all the latest news for Resident Evil‘s next gruesome video game adventure, head over here.