New What If…? Poster Reveals The Star Of This Week’s Episode

The fun thing about the anthological nature of Marvel’s What If…? animated series is that we have no idea what to expect week from week, as Disney Plus only starts promoting the latest episode a couple of days before it’s due. For instance, this Monday morning we got our first poster for this week’s seventh installment of the show’s first season. And it confirms who the star of this week’s trip to an alternate universe will be: Chris Hemsworth’s Thor.

So what can we infer from this poster? Well, it clearly depicts the God of Thunder in his younger days, with the animated model of the Asgardian hero closely resembling Hemsworth in 2011’s Thor. The one big change is his suit, with the character sporting a golden-trimmed outfit that we’ve never seen before in the movies. See the poster, which was originally posted by the official Thor Twitter account, in the gallery below.

Be warned, potential spoilers follow after the fold.

Rumors are pointing to this variant of the hero being dubbed Party Thor. He’s believed to be a version of Odin’s son who didn’t manage to regain his worthiness over the events of Thor and so took on a carefree, partygoing lifestyle. This poster does see him sporting Mjolnir, however, so if this info is accurate, he must become worthy again eventually. Whatever the storyline, we know that Hemsworth himself will be voicing the character.

This likely isn’t the only time we’ll see “Party Thor” either, as the mid-season trailer featured a clip of him in the midst of battle with Doctor Strange Supreme. This is likely from the multiversal team-up episode that’s expected to be episode 9, the season finale. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves as that’s still a couple of weeks away. First of all, What If…? airs its seventh episode this Wednesday, Sept. 22 on Disney Plus.