Loki Set Photo Reveals First Look At Owen Wilson’s Mystery Character

Loki MCU

UPDATE: This photo has been removed at the request of the photographer. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Today has brought us the first images from the set of Marvel’s Lokiwhich has just recently entered production. These have revealed our first look at Tom Hiddleston back in character as the God of Mischief, as well as a glimpse at Sophia Di Martino’s mystery role – likely to be either Lady Loki or Enchantress. What’s more, we’ve also got a first glance at the most surprising cast member of the Disney Plus series, Owen Wilson.

Marvel fans collectively went “wow” when it was announced that the star had signed up to join the MCU earlier this year. At the time, it wasn’t revealed exactly who he was playing on the show, other than that he was expected to be a big presence. Unfortunately, this photo doesn’t reveal anything either, as the coat he’s wearing obscures any signs of his costume which might give us something to work with.

See for yourself below:

WGTC has previously been told by a trusted source that Wilson is very likely portraying Justice Peace in Loki. This would add up with what’s been revealed, too, as the character is one of the top-ranking agents of the Time Variance Authority in the comics. And if there’s one thing we know about Loki, it’s that the TVA will be involved, thanks to that Super Bowl sizzle reel. The pics of Hiddleston on location also confirm that the trickster will be working with the organization in his series.

Maybe Peace will be forced to partner up with Loki and there will be a kind of buddy cop angle to the storyline. This could be fun to explore as well, as Hiddleston and Wilson have worked together before in 2011’s Midnight in Paris. Peace has also had run-ins with Thor on the page, so there’s a connection to Loki’s family to draw on in the show.

As a parody of Judge Dredd, Justice Peace has a totally humorless, by-the-book personality, so it would be a bit of a different character for Wilson, but he’d no doubt deliver an entertaining performance. Assuming this is who he’s playing in Loki, of course.