Pedro Pascal Reportedly Wants More Money For Future Mandalorian Seasons

Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal is very much a man in demand, with the 45 year-old busier than ever before as his star continues to ascend. After slowly working his way up the character actor ranks, The Mandalorian placed him as the lead of the first episodic Star Wars TV show, and he’s only gone from strength to strength since.

December 2020 was a banner month for Pascal, with HBO Max’s Wonder Woman 1984, Netflix’s We Can Be Heroes and Disney Plus’ sci-fi smash hit series giving him the most-watched titles across a trio of streaming services. The former Game of Thrones alum is currently shooting Judd Apatow’s pandemic comedy The Bubble, while he’s got self-aware Nicolas Cage action comedy The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent coming later this year, with Brazilian-set thriller Tropico next up before he plays Joel in HBO’s hotly anticipated adaptation of The Last of Us.

Insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that Pascal wants more money to stick around as Din Djarin for future seasons of The Mandalorian, even though the tipster already reported last month that Disney had taken the initiative and were offering him a bumper new contract. The Narcos star signed a first position deal to star in The Last of Us, too, meaning the video game series has overtaken the Disney Plus show on his list of contractual priorities, so it’ll be a sweet job if he can get more money from Star Wars for what’s going to amount to much less work.

And if The Last of Us takes off, then Pascal will be restricted to the recording booth on The Mandalorian more than ever before, which would drastically alter the ratio of time spent on set to dollars earned, but you’d be mad not to take such a lucrative gig.