The Mandalorian Rumored To Reveal Boba Fett As A Woman

Boba Fett

Fans rejoiced earlier this month when it was revealed that The Mandalorian‘s second season would reintroduce the original badass intergalactic bounty hunter, Boba Fett. Since Disney purchased Star Wars they’ve been very quiet about Fett’s whereabouts, with most assuming he was still trapped in the Sarlacc Pit. Now we know that he made his escape sometime before the first season though, as he had a very brief and mysterious appearance at the end of the episode “The Gunslinger.”

Sparks are sure to fly when he properly appears on The Mandalorian, as Din Djarin is a committed believer in the Mandalorian creed, while Boba Fett simply wears the armor. For someone that takes the rules as seriously as Djarin, conflict is definitely coming.

But now there’s a potential twist that could have fans fuming. The Overlord DVD channel on YouTube (presented by a person with what appears to be a foot spa on his head) claims to have insider gossip on season 2 and says that Boba Fett will remove his helmet on the show and reveal himself as a woman.

According to the rumor, we’ll see Boba Fett crawling out of the Sarlacc Pit only to quickly die of exhaustion in the Tatooine sands. Jawas scavenge his armor, which goes on to be acquired by Star Wars Rebels’ Sabine Wren. It’s Wren who’ll then be wearing it on the show and she’ll go on to wear it in her own animated Disney+ series, too.

Let’s be charitable and put this down as an attempt to rouse up clicks from the sizable contingent of Star Wars fans who hiss like vampires exposed to sunlight whenever a woman does anything of note in a galaxy far far away. A commenter even points out that this doesn’t even make sense as Wren would be totally opposed to Boba Fett and already has her own Mandalorian armor forged from her ancestors’. They’ve also already announced that Temuera Morrison is playing Fett and it would be a little weird to make a big song and dance about his return to Star Wars and then immediately kill him off.

I think we can chalk this ‘rumor’ down to a drought of news due to the COVID-19 lockdown and a new video needing to be produced, but if you’ve got your own thoughts on it, feel free to leave them in the usual place down below.