A New Season Of Black Mirror Is On The Way From Netflix


If you consider yourself tapped in to the cultural cool, then you’ve likely heard of Black Mirror. A UK series that first unwrapped its gooey black heart to British audiences on Channel 4, it struck a nerve with the international set when it landed on Netflix. So far, three seasons (which are referred to as series in the UK should you delve further into the programme, which is what we call shows) have rolled out, each boasting three hour-long episodes that make their fellow TV companions pale in comparison. It’s a curious mix of drama, comedy and sci-fi, with the show’s creator describing it in a similar vein to The Twilight Zone.

Now, according to Radio Times, Charlie Brooker – who concocted the genre-busting anthology series – has now entered talks with Netflix to bring us another season’s worth of episodes. Here’s what the TV digest site reports:

The streaming giant is understood to have agreed terms with Brooker and his independent production company House of Tomorrow to make “multiple episodes” of the dystopian drama, according to sources involved in the negotiations.

This comes several months after another report implied that Brooker and co-creator Annabel Jones were in cahoots with Endemol US (the North American office of the show’s production company) to spawn a brand new version based in America. There’s no mention of whether or not that iteration is off the table, or if indeed, this IS that take. The outlet does confirm that Brooker is currently tapping out scripts for the season, though.

Black Mirror is worth your time. It’s a compulsive act of TV viewing, showing us a near-future that’s populated by people still grappling with the same troubles. Technology may advance – but humans continue to behave as we always have. If you like your sci-fi packed with twists and stunning original ideas, nothing else comes close. Let’s hope Netflix and Brooker can continue their relationship for many years to come.