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Sony Starts Streaming X-Men Anime On YouTube

It looks like Marvel wants fans to check out all of their anime series.

While many fans may remember X-Men The Animated Series from back in the 90s, this is far from the only time that the famous mutants have had their tales animated for home audiences. Madhouse, the studio behind legendary anime like Death NoteOne Punch Man, and Hunter x Hunter, actually teamed up with Sony and Marvel Entertainment to create four television series, one of these being Marvel Anime: X-Men.

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The series synopsis is as follows:

“When a mutant high school student named Hisako Ichiki goes missing in Northern Japan, her parents ask Professor Xavier for his help. Sensing that Hisako’s disappearance is of great importance to mutant-kind, Professor X gathers his X-Men together. However, due to the loss of his lover, Jean, Cyclops, the leader of the X-Men, refuses to return.”

Now fans can try watching the first episode of the series for free on YouTube to get a taste of what it has to offer. It looks like Sony is doing a lot of work to make it so fans can more easily enjoy all of their previous anime creations having also brung back Wolverine recently as well.

It’s possible with the recent success of Deadpool Samurai, where the merc with a mouth teams up with All Might from My Hero Academia, that Sony wants to see if they can get more fans interested in future anime projects.