Stargirl Reportedly Set To Cross Over With Arrowverse Heroes


Stargirl has a weird relationship with the Arrowverse. Though developed as a DC Universe series, Brec Bassinger’s Courtney Whitmore got her screen debut via a brief cameo in “Crisis on Infinite Earths” and the show’s first season then aired simultaneously on the streaming platform and The CW. From the next run onwards, though, Stargirl is becoming an exclusive CW production. Thanks to “Crisis,” however, we know that it’s not set within the Arrowverse’s Earth-Prime but on Earth-2.

Nonetheless, it seems that Stargirl and the Justice Society may be about to cross over with some familiar faces in time. Insider Daniel Richtman has shared on his Patreon page that The CW has plans for Courtney to team up with a few of the characters in the Arrowverse, though it’s currently unclear which specific crossovers are in the offing. What’s more, Richtman says that it looks like the series has already been renewed. Presumably, he means a third run is being developed, then, as we know season 2 is due to drop this year.


So, that means we can infer that these crossovers won’t occur until the show’s third outing and that helps narrow down who Stargirl can cross over with. After all, both Supergirl and Black Lightning are ending after their next seasons, so don’t expect Courtney to meet Jefferson Pierce of Kara Zor-El – which will probably come as a disappointment to Bassinger, as that was her dream team-up. Maybe the Legends would be the best fit, then, as they’ve already met a different version of the heroine back before the multiverse changed.

Stargirl is likely to deliver another 13 episodes in its second season. Following on from the last run’s finale, expect the mystery of how Starman’s actually alive to be further explored and watch out for new villain Eclipso. Given how packed the network’s schedule is with DC shows this winter/spring, it’ll likely debut on The CW in the summer.