Supernatural Creator Says He’s Apologized To Jared Padalecki About The Prequel


The CW probably isn’t all that pleased with how the announcement of a Supernatural prequel series has been completely overshadowed by all the controversy surrounding it. Earlier this week, the network revealed The Winchesters, an SPN spinoff focusing on John and Mary Winchester, was in the works with Jensen Ackles on board as both executive producer and narrator. The unfortunate thing is that Ackles’ long-term co-star Jared Padalecki had no idea the prequel was happening, as he shared his “gutted” and “bummed” reaction to finding out about its existence on social media.

Thankfully, Padalecki has since provided an update, telling fans that he and Ackles have spoken about the whole situation and have managed to bury the hatchet. Supernatural creator Eric Kripke has now weighed into the drama, explaining that he has also apologized to Padalecki about his lack of involvement in the project.

Kripke initially praised the Winchesters news when it first broke, and a couple of days later he then retweeted his initial post with his apology. Strangely, the former EP has since deleted both separate tweets. But here’s a screenshot of his original messages:

“Guy. When I wrote this, I assumed Jared knew. I was wrong. I already apologized to him & @jarpad & @JensenAckles worked it out,” Kripke wrote. “I love them both like brothers, both equally contributed to #SPN. Families have bumps, they overcome them, that’s why they’re family.”

The spinoff news hasn’t really gone down as well as the team behind it would’ve hoped. Not only have SPN fans raced to Padalecki’s defense, but they’re also not that crazy about the concept either, with many pitching an alternate Castiel spinoff. So it’s possible Kripke decided to remove his tweets on the topic to avoid receiving any further criticism or backlash.

At least we can say that the Padalecki side of this drama has now been put to bed, and all parties appear to be on good terms again. With the Sam Winchester star now in the loop, it’s feasible that he could become involved in some capacity. He’s still in partnership with The CW, after all, starring in their highly successful Walker reboot. As things stand, though, the Supernatural prequel series is only at the pre-pilot stages so there’s a long way to go before it gets here.