‘The Boys’ BTS clip reveals ‘Herogasm’ had plenty of other things swinging around on set

the boys homelander
via Prime Video

Barring that epic “girls do get it done” scene in season two, it feels like we’ve rarely seen supe vs. supe fights in Amazon’s The Boys, but not if “Herogasm” has anything to say about the matter.

The show’s most successful, and perhaps content risky, episode to date not only offered a glimpse into what superhero orgies look like, it finally gave fans what they’d been waiting to see since those first few episodes set up the fictional world and its power dynamics back in 2019.

By this, of course, we’re not referring to the art of seismic procreation as demonstrated by all the C-listers coming together for a bit of how’s your father. The episode’s surprise highlight actually involved Soldier Boy and Homelander finally knocking fists and swinging each other around the only way two supes of their physical prowess know how to. Things got even juicier when Billy Butcher joined in with his temporarily enhanced stamina and endurance.

Okay, we should probably stop it with the euphemisms and let you watch this new behind-the-scenes clip for yourself, wherein Homelander pushes Soldier Boy up against the chimney with the help of a dozen strings. (Okay, we’ll stop for real now.)

It never ceases to amaze us how post-production work turns an incomplete and messy shot such as the one you see above into a seamless superhero fight that suspends your disbelief without so much as a small blunder that undermines all of this as ultimately make-believe.

Television has definitely come a long way since the days we had to use our imagination to fill in the gaps. There was a time, in fact, not so long ago, when TV shows had to save up on three seasons’ worth of budget to be able to deliver a fight that barely stacked up to the one we witnessed in “Herogasm” this week, brief as it was.

In any event, The Boys season three returns this Friday with its penultimate episode.