The Walking Dead Promo Images Teases Sasha’s Fate

Sunday night’s installment of The Walking Dead saw Sasha and Rosita gear up and head out on their suicide mission to assassinate Negan. Though the duo reached the Saviors’ compound after a few close scraps with some walkers, things didn’t quite go according to plan (let’s be honest, did anyone think they would?), as the pair realized that they weren’t going to be able to take the villain out with a sniper shot.

Rosita was determined to charge in all guns blazing, but in a surprising turn of events, Sasha closed the fence before her sister-in-arms could get through, taking it upon herself to rid the world of their sadistic tormentor. The episode ended shortly after and we never got to see what became of her, but some new promotional images for next week’s episode do give us a pretty good idea. As you can see from the pics above, it looks very much like Tyrese’s unfortunate sister will remain alive, but wind up as Negan’s prisoner – which could, potentially, be worse.

Readers of Robert Kirkman’s source material may well have some idea what’s in store for poor Sasha come the season finale, although it is a different character involved in those events in the comics. Next week’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Something They Need,” will no doubt shed some light on the situation, and for a look at what’s to come, you can check out a promo and sneak peek below.