This Classic Marvel Series Is Disney Plus’ Most Pirated Show

A Disney Plus advertisement for the MCU

What If…? may be Marvel’s most recent TV show, but another classic Phase Four series takes the lead as Disney Plus’ most pirated TV show. That’s right, the neo-noir classic Loki is Disney Plus’ most torrented TV show, according to one popular TV data tracking service.

Television Stats reports that Loki has just over 6,000 active users torrenting the series via a popular TV torrent tracker. The MCU hit leads by several thousand pirates over Disney Plus’ second most torrented series, The Mandalorian, which is just a couple dozen users shy of 2,000.

Two other Marvel series round out the third and fourth place slots for Disney torrents, with WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier both over 1,000 torrenters. Those two are followed by The Bad Batch and Star Wars: Visions, two popular animated Star Wars Disney Plus exclusives.

Torrenting is a peer-to-peer filesharing system that lets users directly connect to one another in order to upload and download files piecemeal. While legitimately shared material can be downloaded via a torrent, many online torrent trackers exist purely to help users pirate copies of popular movies, video games, comics, and TV shows.

Television Stats tracks each show for users seeding and leeching a series, or torrenters providing completed downloads and users downloading from their peers, respectively.

It may come as a surprise that What If…? is not Disney Plus’ most commonly torrented series, given that the show premiered after Loki and wrapped up its first season in October. However, What If…? remains relatively low on Disney pirates’ priorities, outranked by R.L. Stine adaptation Just Beyond, Monsters Inc. TV series Monsters at Work, and even space race-themed TV drama The Right Stuff. Chalk up Loki’s widespread popularity among Marvel fans and non-fans alike as the main reason for its ongoing piracy.

Granted, Loki just misses the top 10 list for pirated television series, with one breakout Apple TV+ hit in particular taking the lead.