This Show Surpassed One Piece To Become The #1 Airing Anime Today

It’s hard to think of an anime series more iconic than One Piece. However, as its 1000th episode is gearing up to air soon, it looks like there’s a new challenger in the arena that’s gaining popularity quicker than anyone could imagine. Not only is this show now the most popular airing anime according but it even beat out another show that has been able to take down the long-running series on the charts.

Currently, the second season of 86 is the most popular anime airing right now according to stats from MyAnimeList. It beats out Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation which sits in the number 2 spot and One Piece as it rests at number 3.

While we recently reported on 86 overtaking One Piece on the popularity charts, it rising all the way to the number 1 spot is a huge moment for the series. For Asato Asato, the writer of the light-novel series that the show is adapted from, it has to feel amazing that the show has gone so well despite the difficulties she faced in making it happen.

“With anime, there’s limited time to work with, so you can’t be as liberal with descriptions or dialogue as you can be with novels. 

You have to convey information through dialogue that can’t be explained through imagery (such as the history and circumstances of a country) and you have to do it in fewer words than in a novel format. I found that particularly difficult.”

86’s second cour is currently airing weekly with episodes available to stream on Crunchyroll.