This TV Show Is Today’s Most Viral Hit On Twitter—Here’s Why

Kevin Costner in the lead role for Yellowstone.
Image via Paramount Network

If you haven’t caught Paramount Network’s Yellowstone yet, it might be time. With the series’ fourth season now premiering, it’s quickly become one of the most viral TV shows on Twitter.

According to Television Stats’ data from Monday, Nov. 8, Yellowstone is the most popular TV series on Twitter right now, with over 3,500 new Twitter users following the show’s main account over just one day. Yellowstone ranks as the second highest growing show on Twitter across the past seven days as well, with 14,266 new followers subscribing to the @Yellowstone account than one week prior to season four’s launch.

The only show that outpaces Yellowstone for weekly growth is Netflix’s Stranger Things, which saw over 24,000 new follows to its Twitter page in light of its brand new season four trailer. While Stranger Things outpaces Yellowstone for total Twitter followers by a large margin—@Stranger_Things’ 3.2 million vs. a meager 177,600 —Yellowstone nonetheless scored over double Stranger Things’ new Twitter followers in terms of one-day changes, with a mere 1.3k added to the Netflix ’80s horror series’ account by Monday.

Yellowstone is a contemporary American western and drama focused on the Duttons, a Montana-based ranching family that owns the biggest ranch in the entire country. Violence, drama, and political intrigue results as the ranch’s patriarch struggles to maintain power. The series stars Kevin Costner in the lead role, and while its treatment of family power struggles might remind you of Succession, Yellowstone has been praised for its realistic depiction of Native American life on the Dutton Ranch’s bordering reservation.

The fourth season for Yellowstone premiered with a two-hour installment on Sunday, Nov. 7. Season four broke records for Paramount Network, with 8.12 million viewers watching Sunday’s first two episodes, an all-time series high. With a Yellowstone prequel also in the works, expect Paramount to keep cashing in on the series’ unexpected viral success.