New Titans Promo Teases Trigon’s Arrival


After delivering on the first live action appearance of Jason Todd and thereby bringing a boatload of Batman references along with him in this week’s stellar episode, Titans shows no signs of slowing down with its next installment.

You see, in the first promo for next week’s offering (found above), the ominously titled “Asylum,” the gang heads to a facility which looks to be just that. And if that weren’t enough, the creepy Dr. Adamson has apparently escaped his bonds, with each of our heroes now being experimented upon.

Personally, I’m baffled by Dick Grayson’s decision to once again suit up in the Robin costume after telling Starfire not to expect any Boy Wonders in the closing moments of “Jason Todd,” but it’s not like the guy has crafted a Nightwing outfit as of yet. I mean, he’s embraced other personas in the comics, but now’s not the time for him to be Agent 37 or the new Batman – especially not the latter.

If there’s any big takeaway from the new trailer, it’s that we’re seemingly one step closer to witnessing the arrival of Trigon, whom one would assume to be season 1’s big bad. Every hint we’ve been given by Dr. Adamson’s shadowy organization to this point has dangled that carrot in front of our face. And unless Raven is somehow being granted a father altogether different from her comic book counterpart, then we should probably prepare for his debut by the finale.

So, if you need a primer on that supremely evil fellow, then we highly recommend that you pick up a copy of the animated movie Justice League vs. Teen Titans. In that, the Trigon-Raven dynamic took center stage, thus leading to a colossal confrontation later on in the picture.

Titans airs on Fridays on DC Universe.