The Walking Dead Fans Spot Big Mistake With Beta’s Mask That We Can’t Unsee

The Walking Dead

Alpha and Beta always had a creepy bond on The Walking Deadso we knew he was going to take it badly after his boss was killed by Negan. Sure enough, the Whisperer number two has spiraled over the past couple of episodes, as he mourns Alpha’s loss and wants the survivors to pay for her murder. Back in season 10, episode 14, he even chopped off her face and repaired his own walker mask with some of her skin. Now he gets to carry a part of her with him wherever he goes.

It was a neat, if chilling, development for the character, but fans have noticed a big continuity error to do with Beta’s revamped mask. Posting on the r/thewalkingdead subreddit, user Internet_Exploder pointed out the mistake with one simple question. “Why is there no cut where the knife went in?”, they asked. Of course, the fan is referring to the fact that Beta had to stab Alpha’s reanimated head in the brain, to properly put her to rest, before he could skin her skull.

In the scene in quetion, we see him sending the knife roughly under her ear, where he directs it upwards to reach the brain. However, when Alpha’s skin is seen thereafter as part of Beta’s mask, there’s no such scar. We could infer that he simply stitched it up himself when he formed his new walker face, but there really is no sign of that knife wound, so he’d have to have taken great care with it, which seems kind of needless. I guess we’ll have to just chalk this goof up as something that managed to slip past the attention of the costume designers.

Beta and his two-faced mask will be back when The Walking Dead season 10 returns with its concluding chapter sometime later this year. Remember, the survivors are currently at his mercy, as he’s got them surrounded by his zombie army. The promos have promised, though, that help is on the way, so keep those fingers crossed.