The Walking Dead Fans React To Last Night’s Shocking Episode

The Walking Dead Season 9 Daryl

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead season 9 saw the conflict with the Whisperers escalate as Alpha and her creepy clan came to retrieve Lydia from the Hilltop. There were many twists and turns along the way that sent fans into meltdown, too, as we got everything from flashbacks featuring much-missed characters to babies being abandoned to a weirdly light-hearted side plot about Ezekiel organizing a movie night for the Kingdom.

To begin with, the opening scene brought back Tom Payne as Jesus after he was killed by a Whisperer in the midseason finale. Fans had mixed feelings about the sequence, but some were just so happy to see Jesus again.

Others, though, were sent into emotional hysterics as they were reminded that he’s no longer around.

For some, showing Jesus with Tara, Ezekiel and Carol wasn’t really what they wanted. We want flashbacks exploring Jesus and Aaron’s relationship, damnit!

And even after the flashback was over, the episode wasn’t done wringing out our hearts by reminding us Jesus is dead. Later on, Carol mentioned wanting to speak to him when they were next at the Hilltop. Little does she know that’s not possible anymore.

Then came the big confrontation between the two sides, as Alpha demanded her daughter back. It was a tense scene and Samantha Morton’s still killing it as the Whisperer leader, yet fans couldn’t help but poke fun at the British actress’ fake Southern drawl and the character’s unfortunate resemblance to a certain iconic uncle.

Oh, and let’s not forget probably the most shocking moment of the episode. When one of the Whisperer’s baby started crying, Alpha ordered them to leave it for the zombies to get. Horrified, Daryl led Kelly, Tammy and Connie to rescue the infant and bring it back to safety. But viewers managed to find the funny side of Alpha’s evil actions.

Finally, fans weren’t pleased with Henry for running off with Lydia and messing up the planned switch in exchange for Alden and Luke’s safety. The lad was just trying to save the girl he’s got a crush on, but folks weren’t here for his actions – even joking that he should meet the same fate as some of the past kids in Carol’s care.

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