WandaVision Reportedly Has 3 More MCU Cameos Coming Up


There are only two more episodes of WandaVision to go, and fans are waiting with bated breath to find out who the top secret cameo is, one that Paul Bettany revealed to be an actor he’s never worked with before. Inevitably, there’ve been plenty of potential candidates floated, and Tom Holland even joked that it might be him.

Of course, one of the favorites is Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange, which would make complete sense when we’ve known for over a year that WandaVision would connect directly to the events of the Sorcerer Supreme’s sequel. However, the revelation that Kathryn Hahn’s Agnes was actually comic book witch Agatha Harkness has changed the game once more, making the final two installments harder to predict than ever.

Now, a rumored plot leak – spoilers incoming – has claimed that three major Marvel Cinematic Universe cameos are happening over the last two episodes, and Doctor Strange is indeed one of them. The other two are the Master of the Mystical Arts’ running buddy Wong, and the villainous Baron Mordo, who’s been confirmed as one of Multiverse of Madness‘ antagonists.

It’s important to remember that last summer, the plots of the first two WandaVision episodes were reportedly leaked online, and they turned out to be so incredibly wide of the mark that you should take the latest reveal with a pinch of salt, but if you’re willing to have the ending potentially spoiled, then you can check it out below.

WandaVision has generated so much buzz and theorizing online already, and that’s only going to intensify as we approach the home stretch, but one thing we’ve definitely learned over the last six weeks is to fully expect the unexpected.