Watch: Invincible Trolls Fans Hoping For Season 2 Details


Amazon had already established itself as the place to be for R-rated superhero content thanks to the overwhelming success of The Boys, but the platform only reinforced its reputation even further when the first season of Invincible premiered this past March.

The animated adaptation of The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman’s comic book drew rave reviews from critics and fans alike, with the series currently boasting a Rotten Tomatoes score of 98% and an audience rating of 91%. Not for the faint of heart, the story of Mark Grayson coming to terms with both his own superpowers and his father’s true intentions contains lashings of grisly violence, with the title card becoming increasingly bloodied with each new episode.

Just over a month after Invincible first arrived, Amazon announced that second and third season renewals had already been awarded, showcasing how strongly the company believes in the property. Fans have been patiently biding their time ever since the finale aired on April 29th to find out when the next batch of adventures are coming, and they’re still waiting after an expert-level troll job.

The official Invincible Twitter account teased that something big might be on the cards, only to pull off the oldest viral trick in the book, which you can check out below.


It’s September 2021 and people are still getting Rickrolled, which has got to be infuriating for anybody that fell for it hook, line and sinker. As they say, though, you can’t beat the classics, while it’s perfectly in keeping with Invincible‘s anarchic spirit and mean streak.